Syrian artists turn trees into creative works of art


Damascus countryside, SANA-A group of artists took to the trees in their neighborhood’s park in Jaramana city in Damascus countryside, turning logs into fabulous works of art depicting numerous themes on hope and love which left pedestrians awestruck with the aesthetics of the scene.

Rabia Korbaj, one of the artists taking part in the project, told SANA ‘Tourism and Society’ bulletin that the project has unleashed her long-cultivated talent which she decided to carry to the gardens of her city, indicating that her idea has gained traction among her friends who took it further to the “Association of Environment Pioneers’’ which helped them secure colors and materials.

“This is one of the best arts that express beauty in an appealing way by utilizing lines, colors and many other tools, mainly imagination and thoughts,’’ said Muhannad al-Kilani, a volunteer in the project which is the first of its kind in the region.